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At Talent Bureau, the stage is set for voices that don’t just speak but echo.


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It’s where thought leaders, innovators, and game-changers come to grab the mic and captivate audiences. But Talent Bureau is more than just a roster of top-tier speakers. They’re in the business of creating experiences and events that are as memorable as they are impactful. With a keen eye for matching the perfect speaker to each event, they ensure that every seminar, conference, or fireside chat hits the mark.

Realizing the need to have an online presence as dynamic as their speakers, Talent Bureau approached us for a website overhaul. They needed a digital stage that was as impressive as their real-life platform.

We took on the challenge, kicking off with a brand refresh, followed by custom website design and development. Our goal? To make finding the perfect speaker not just easy but enjoyable. We wanted users to feel the excitement of discovery and to effortlessly navigate through their extensive roster.

The new site design is an “industry brochure” brought to life. We used dramatic contrasting colours, lively images, and bold typography to provide a digital experience that captures and keeps attention. The Talent Bureau logo was streamlined for maximum impact, with the primary logo anchoring the footer while the secondary logo in the header adds a sleek, modern touch. The icon element, strategically placed throughout the site, also adds a visual punch.

Then there’s the homepage, with a design that highlights essential information, the latest events, and a curated list of the top 5 speaker categories – a perfect mix to keep users engaged and scrolling right from the get-go.

Functionality wasn’t left behind. The site includes a seamless search results display and a user-friendly process for updating speaker profiles. We implemented a global content system, ensuring updates are reflected site-wide – no more duplicated efforts or scattered updates. We also introduced a new feature: the “My Favourites” page. Users can now curate their list of preferred speakers, creating a personalized collection that can be revisited or shared via a link anytime without the hassle of logging in. It’s like having your own pocket-sized panel of experts ready when you are.

The result? A website that doesn’t just talk about Talent Bureau’s offering but shows it in every pixel and page.

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