Depth of Feel

If your mortgage was a meme.

If making your mortgage, credit card, and bill payments on time is starting to feel like a game of Whac-A-Mole, you really should get in touch with our client, The Personal Mortgage Group.

If you want social media messaging that also doesn’t feel like Whac-A-Mole, check out what we’re doing for The PMG (and then get in touch with us so we can do it for you too).

Finances have a bit of a reputation. Stuffy. Boring. Hard to understand.

The Personal Mortgage Group shows it doesn’t have to be that way.

Their social media accounts are full of memes, song lyrics, gifs, TV shows, pop culture references—along with advice to help you make the most of your finances.

It’s an intentional strategy that separates The PMG from other mortgage brokers and connects with their audience. After all, they’re not like other mortgage providers.

“Your tone is part of your brand, and your brand is what makes you stand out amongst all the other businesses,” says Julia Marchionda, our project manager. “At the end of the day a mortgage brokerage is a mortgage brokerage. You’re providing the same service. If the service is the same what is going to differentiate you?

Be true to your school.

That’s going to be the way you look, the way you sound, the level of customer service you provide, and how you deliver that service. Creating a memorable online presence can help you attract the clients you’re looking for.”

So how do you stand out? To paraphrase Michael Jackson, start with the person (or business) in the mirror.

The PMG’s tone is rooted in who they are. Knowledgeable, caring, honest, direct, independent, a bit sarcastic and funny.

They work with clients through every chapter of their lives—buying homes, raising families, going through separations or divorce, living through over-extended debt tune-ups, renovations, and retirement. They’re there for it all.

Over the years, they get to know their clients. And social media is one way clients get to know them, even before they meet.

“Someone might interact with your content for months, even years,” says Julia. “When they are ready to take advantage of the service you’re offering, there will already be a sort of relationship formed. When they do go and speak with you, they have a level of familiarity and comfort.”

The PMG’s top performing posts reach thousands of viewers in Hamilton. They also increase existing and potential clients’ comfort through education, though in an informal, friendly way.

Meme it up.

A meme on their Instagram says, “Ugh the service at my bank is terrible!” above a picture of Britney Spears in her iconic “Dump Him” T-shirt. The caption gives The PMG’s phone number so that followers can book a five minute call to see how much better they can do.

Social posts cover topics like mortgage pre-approval and renegotiation, interest rates, options beyond the big banks, budgeting, retirement and more.

“Finding ways to talk about finance to people in terms that they’re going to be able to understand, and not just understand but remember, is really important,” says also- not-a-numbers-person Julia. “Bringing in memes and pop culture references makes explaining those things a lot easier and more memorable.”

“If the service is the same what is going to differentiate you?”.


Memes are the universal language of the internet. Look at how quickly Rihanna’s Super Bowl marshmallow back-up dancers blew up. People take a clip and use it to talk about blood cells, seagulls, toddlers, cats, and UFOs.

Different applications, but the universal theme— the part that everyone identifies with—still comes through. In Julia’s opinion, “This is what makes memes so great. Even if people don’t totally understand the topic, they get what the meme is trying to convey, making learning and remembering a lot easier.”

Just the way you are.

It’s a social media strategy rooted in internet history and pop culture knowledge, as well as The PMG’s personality. Why does it work? The PMG actually live and breathe their brand. Their social media channels reflect who they are. But Julia admits that this tone is not the right strategy for everyone.

“If your brand tone isn’t funny and sarcastic you don’t have to be,” she says. But putting effort into your social presence and content shows you care about your business. And we know you care. Here’s how to prove it.

First, figure out who you are. Think about your company, what you value and what you stand for. Then think about the kind of client you’re looking to attract.

Finances have a bit of a reputation. Stuffy. Boring. Hard to understand.

Developing personas for your audience can help, Julia explains. “You don’t necessarily need to tailor every single post to that persona, but it is helpful in figuring out what to write about and what angles to take on certain topics.”

Every business has valuable information to share. Whether it’s packaged as a meme or long form blog post, there are different ways to communicate your business that work for different clients.

It all comes back to your brand and the story that you want to tell.

For The Personal Mortgage Group, their story includes Britney Spears, boy bands and why you should break up with your bank. And it works for them.

In the words of NSYNC, bye-bye-bye.

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