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A Celebration Of Care

The middle of a global pandemic is perhaps not the exact moment most healthcare organizations would choose to undertake a major strategic planning exercise. However, Pathway 2020, Halton Healthcare’s previous strategic plan, was due for an update. 2020 was here. It was time.

Board members, stakeholders and representatives from across the organization began reviewing the strategic plan that fall. As they prepared to launch the new plan in 2021, they turned to Banko Creative Studio for help spreading the message.

We’ve worked with Halton Healthcare since 2014. Trish Carlton, Halton Healthcare’s director of communications and public affairs, knew that our team had the experience and creativity to communicate the updated plan to patients, staff, community members and other partners across the healthcare sector. She also knew she could rely on Banko to get the job done while the healthcare organization was still on the frontlines of the pandemic.

“From the beginning we knew that storytelling was the most powerful way to share the new plan with all of our communities,” she says.

To tell the story of how Halton Healthcare provides exemplary patient experiences, always, our storytelling team focused on the organization’s achievements during the COVID-19 pandemic and their impact on the communities they serve in Oakville, Milton and Georgetown.

The dedication to exemplary patient experiences has never been more evident than during the pandemic. Teams at Halton Healthcare’s three hospitals are caring for both patients and their loved ones.

Storytelling was the most powerful way to share the new plan with all of our communities.

We began by capturing photography of every area of the hospital that was impacted by COVID-19, from testing clinics and laboratories to the Critical Care and Intensive Care Units.

We then interviewed patients, volunteers, doctors, nurses and staff to share their stories of care.

The result is a collection of images and accounts that celebrate the staff who made all the difference for patients.

The pandemic has impacted healthcare across Canada and accelerated the pace of change in the healthcare sector.

Stories span the individual—the first person to receive a COVID-19 vaccination from Halton Healthcare—to the provincial—Halton Healthcare’s role in Ontario’s pandemic response. The images and words created have been used for Halton Healthcare’s annual report, posters, signage, digital and print displays, social media content, brochures and more.

A key part of the new strategic plan is the purpose statement: “To Care.

Part of the goal of the communications was to highlight how each individual’s personal values and purpose align with the corporate purpose.

In capturing images of staff, swathed in PPE, caring for patients with compassion and determination, we tell a powerful story that resonates with patients, families, staff and residents across the organization’s three communities.

The opportunity to look ahead has sometimes been hard to find during the waves of the pandemic. For Halton Healthcare, the new strategic plan is a gateway to recovery and a fresh start.

As the plan is put into action, the timing feels right. Departments, clinical programs and services will use the key tenets of the plan to align their activities and develop their own initiatives. Through our communications, we provide the foundation for them to keep looking forward, while doing what they need to day-to-day.

The pandemic has been a challenging time that impacted healthcare across Canada and accelerated the pace of change in the healthcare sector. But the core of Halton Healthcare remains unchanged. The new strategic plan is titled Inspiring Care. It has been inspiring to witness the exemplary care the Halton Healthcare team provides. We were honoured to capture these compelling moments and share their stories.

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