Client:Arts Trail on 21 Services:DesignIllustration Scope:A fun and playful custom illustration highlights the theme of Arts Trail on 21, “A Journey of Creativity”. When fully unfolded, the brochure reveals one continuous illustration showing the same scene at different times of day. It is a work of art unto itself and a tribute to the pieces […]

Client:York University Services:PhotographyVideography Scope:We went behind the lens to capture the new School of Continuing Studies building at York University. From small details to significant innovation, our photography and videography showcased how it empowers students to build their future.

Rabbit Hole is inspired by the pace we work at. Often, when people call us, they are in crisis. Every meeting is important, every mission is critical, every deadline is a hard one. We’re often working at a fast pace, often going down one rabbit hole after another, solving one problem then moving onto the […]

The last few years have thrown a lot of curveballs our way, making life feel hectic and often cluttered at times while we try to navigate our way through. This illustration shares a state of vulnerability—drowning in the chaos of how our lives have changed, and unsure what comes next.

Lost in the maze of social media? Let us be your guide. Here are some of the top social media myths we run into—and some tips to help you find your way through. Need to figure out what fits where? Download our social media sizing guide.

If the word scavenger hunt makes you think of turning over rocks, reaching into crevices and peering around trees, let us introduce you to scavenger hunt 2.0. Our version of a scavenger hunt involves your phone, an app and some pretty cool coding. But it’s still fun and educational. When Valley Park opened last year, […]

If making your mortgage, credit card, and bill payments on time is starting to feel like a game of Whac-A-Mole, you really should get in touch with our client, The Personal Mortgage Group. If you want social media messaging that also doesn’t feel like Whac-A-Mole, check out what we’re doing for The PMG (and then […]

Imagine walking into a luxurious hotel room with sleek leather and velvet furniture, a mod multi-faceted light fixture casting a soft glow over the space, and gorgeous warm wood accents on the walls. Sounds great, right? But in this instance, we’re not here to enjoy the plush bed or the beautiful downtown view. We’re here […]

The pandemic changed things for a lot of people. For our team, it gave us a chance to expand in a completely new direction. Coffee. Okay, that’s not new. #PoweredByCaffeine™ But running a coffee shop in Tiverton, Ontario? That is definitely new. Tiverton is a quiet town on the shores of Lake Huron that we’ve […]

In 2020, seven francophone organizations in Sudbury came together to construct a new French arts and cultural centre. The collaborators wanted the building to be part of the story of the region and the area’s long francophone history. They decided to clad the structure in weathering steel from ArcelorMittal Dofasco. The metal siding, called Indaten, […]

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